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After watching Ola, many people wrote in to describe how the film had inspired them to take action in their communities by volunteering, planting, donating, speaking, voting, reading, engaging, or resolving to do something else to improve the health of our communities. What follows is a small sample of the commitments made by fans of the film to create a thriving community in Hawaii.


I will Read with my friends at least one book a month.
Sammy, 11, Maili       

I will Volunteer at anywhere possible to help the community.
Justice, 14, Nanakuli

I will Plant and share more about sustainable Tower Gardens with home grown vegetables for communities, condominiums, schools, restaurants, homes, etc.  I will plant seeds in the hearts of my ohana, especially the keiki that will sprout into healthy living for generations to come.
Cheryl T., 58, Pearl City

I will Plant seeds of hope in the hearts of children and nuture them and watch them grow.
Malia, 40, Kailua

I will Engage health care groups across the country to see Ola and start focusing on social determinants. Excellent film!  
Virginia, 53, Topeka

I will Resolve to help kids find more opportunities to walk to school. We used to walk and bike everywhere when I was a kid!  
John, 63, Hilo

I will Engage my clients with provocative thoughts
Vic, 24, Singapore

I will Vote and help register my friends to vote, too. We need to start influencing politicians to listen to the health needs of our islands!
Mindy, 29, Makakilo

I will Plant a garden with all the veggies me and my newborn need.
Alicia, 28, Waimea

I will Volunteer in my community. Information about health is lacking and I want everyone to know we can fix this!
Mahea, 20, Kihei

I will Engage my fellow students to stand up and take action so we can protect our 'aina.
Dean, 25, Wailuku

I will Resolve the social, political and economic inequalities in our community as I continue my social work career.
Jandee, 23, Maui

I will Speak out for the silent majority and on behalf of programs and innovations aimed at the greater good.
Rick, 56, Waimea

I will Volunteer to help people.
Jeremy Heyer, 28, Hawaii

I will Read every day to set a good example for my kids, and encourage them to read with me.
Andy, 33, Makakilo

I will Vote for the candidate who would promote solutions to tackle the social origins of health, increase bike lanes, add a bike sharing program, and eliminate smoking from Hawaii.   
Michelle, 21, Honolulu

I will Engage my community to see the film and to begin acting on it via partnerships for better health.
Sheena, 42, Kau

I will Engage my daughter in a healthier, active lifestyle.  
Nani, 41, Honolulu

I will Engage local, young people to think of themselves in a positive light.
Taylor, 23, Kaneohe, HI


I will Read up on articles pertaining to bettering my community and those around me.
Mark, 29, Makakilo

I will Vote as an informed citizen and not just for candidates that have the loudest voice.  
Matt, 28, Kaimuki

I will Plant my own vegetables and fruits and share with my neighbors.
Jane, 31, Honolulu

I will Resolve to buy food and other products that are locally made whenever possible
Jen, 38, Manoa

I will Speak out about the importance of community and meaningful interactions.
Ryan, 29, Kailua/Honolulu

I will Plant more herbs, fruits and vegetables in our home garden to teach my daughter where her favorite foods come from!  
Bernie, Kailua       

I will Engage my niece and nephew to teach them to eat and live a healthy and happy lifestyle!  
Mark, 29, Kapolei

I will Engage my niece and nephews in starting their own herb garden.  
Scott, 31, Kaneohe

I will Plant herbs and small vegetables for my husband to use in our home cooking. We started the night we saw Ola and went straight from the theater to buy soil and pots and seeds so we could start growing!
Celeste, Honolulu    

I will Resolve to try community gardening, eat more healthy foods, and stop my kids from eating too much junk food.  
Daniel, Waimanalo       

I will Speak to as many people I can, including my representatives and people in business, to encourage them to see Ola. I 'm going to do whatever I can to help show this movie to everyone.  
Margaret, Pearl City

I will Donate back to my community more and focus on what really matters. This film made me question the choices I make in my personal life but also the ones I 'm making in my professional life. I 'm starting today!  
Jamie, Kahala

I will Resolve to start a Mighty Milers program with my girls and see if we can get their school to join us in the fall. Here we are after our first 1.5 miles!  
Robin, Honolulu

I will Plant and use the two acres of land I own to create another Mouna farm so that my friends and neighbors can eat healthy. This film moved me in ways I can 't really explain.  
Debbie, Kahaluu      

I will Read to a child or an adult by help others learn to read. Ola inspired me to give back and help with literacy.  
Jim, Kaimuki

I will Volunteer at our neighborhood school to help make this a better place to live. My husband is normally not the ’documentary’ kind of person, but I dragged him to see Ola with me. When the credits finished he turned to me and said, “I'm inspired.”
Christine K., Makakilo